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Matcha Flavoured Pocky \ VIDEO

A pocky that will make you green with envy

Did you know that Pocky had its 50th anniversary last year? I didn’t either, but it’s no surprise when you consider that this chocolate snacking stick is known – some would even say adored – the world over.

The Japanese biscuit snacks started out life with an original chocolate coating in 1966. It wasn’t until 5 years later that the second flavour, almond, hit supermarket shelves. Today, the flavour varieties are really quite amazing, and also make for an interesting read. In my research for this post I came across flavours from the nostalgic (strawberry, cookies and cream) to the very bizarre (Men’s Pocky).

Yep, Men’s Pocky is a Real Thing. In actual fact it’s just Pocky with a dark chocolate coating, so as a modern woman who loves some of the dark stuff, I’m not sure how I feel about it. But I do know that I think this homemade adaptation, Men’s Pocky with Extra Nuts, is pure genius.

In this video, we try a flavour that neither of us have tried before – matcha (green tea)!

And it’s not just about the flavours. For those who want to branch out from the dainty sticks, there’s Dessert Pocky (fancy swirls of extra thick coating), Giant Pocky (self explanatory, and yes, they really are huge) and Reverse Pocky (cream on the inside) to choose from.

Which is your favourite type of Pocky?

p.s. this video was not sponsored by Pocky in any way – I just found the history really interesting! Enjoy! x

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