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Sticky Fingers Noodle Fritters \ VIDEO

We just love discovering new and exciting ways of using ingredients that we always have in our kitchen cupboards. One terrific (and indulgent!) example of this is turning the humble egg noodle into crunchy fritters. If you’ve been searching for an alternative to the ubiquitous mini spring roll as a party starter, try these fritters for a party snack that will have your guests reaching for another… and another… and another!

Mapo Tofu \ VIDEO

Tofu. It’s such a divisive food – either you like it, or you avoid it like the plague. Maybe it’s the rubbery texture you don’t like, or if you’re on the other side of the camp, the silken texture that you love. Some might say it’s bland and flavourless, while others would counter with tofu’s ability to soak up flavours like a sponge.