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Chinese Bakery, Bubble Tea and Karaoke(!) for Food Junkies

Hi guys! Our very favourite episode of Food Junkies is now available for viewing online at the London Live website (UK only, sorry!). We had *so* much fun filming this one in Chinatown! We sampled loads of amazing Chinese baked goods, Amy got her first taste of Bubble Tea, and to the horror of the other patrons we even channelled our inner Whitney Houstons on the microphones…! And in true Dumpling form, it was also a day full of cringeworthy comments… “Oh! That’s so naughty!” “You know when you get a warm fluffy towel, and you just wanna hold it against your face?” “Look at that structure! It’s just so loose… so aerated!” “The pinnacle of creamy buns has to be the peanut one.” Simultaneously: “Oooooo look at thaaaaat.” “The whole thing is a party in your mouth!” “Oh wow… it goes right up the thing!” “No one likes karaoke more than us… because we’re Chinese.” Just click on any of the pics below to watch the clip! A&J x

One Year ‘Dumplingversary’ + Frozen Banana Sundae & Soy Salted Caramel Sauce for Food Junkies!

Hi everyone! First things first, we’d like to say a HUGE thanks all you beautiful people out there who have supported The Dumpling Sisters over the past year: we are now officially one year old! A lot of crazy stuff has happened in that time, from the totally mad experience of Jamie Oliver’s Search for a Food Tube Star to starting the thrilling adventure of writing our first-ever cookbook. It feels like a long time ago when we purchased a domain name, set up our trusty point-and-shoot camera atop an £8 tripod in Amy’s kitchen, and giggled our way through our (super awkward) first video. Back then there was no way we could have imagined that one day soon we would have developed 100 recipes at speed, put on quite a few extra pounds as a result(!) and be mere weeks away from our first session of food photography with the incredibly talented Paul Winch-Furness. We are so grateful for these opportunities to keep sharing what we know and love about Chinese food with people all over the world, …

Market Chicken Fried Noodles for Food Junkies!

A hoy everyone, here’s our second segment for London Live‘s ‪‎Food Junkies‬ show! In this one we make Mum’s Market Chicken Fried Noodles, the *exact* same crowd-pleasing dish that our family has been serving up at the market in Christchurch for over 20 years! To watch (in the UK), just click on the picture below 🙂 Lots of love and happy cooking! A&J xx