Hello there! In true little sister form…

I followed my big sis by going all the way to the other side of the world to study.

I was quite the banana in my teen years (yellow on the outside, white on the inside), but now I’m a proud Chiwi: a Chinese Kiwi who embraces  both cultures with equal fervour!

If I could change one thing about myself, it’d be to stop having such a complex about the roundness of my face… we should love all shapes and sizes! And on the topic of size, I am partial to everyday objects that are novelty large (jumbo clothes pegs, impracticably giant pencils) and novelty small (baby Converse, tiny tongs).

I studied psychology and criminology at uni, so even though I probably can’t tell you what you’re thinking, I am always interested in learning cool stuff about human thought and behaviour.

Aside from food, I also love: my family, folky/alt singer-songwriters, Leonardo DiCaprio, and writing.

Finally, if I had a dollar or a pound for every time someone said…

“Wait… did you know that your initials are J-Z? As in JAY-Z!?”

… I would be a millionaire in both currencies 😉


  1. Mia Byrne says

    I love your YouTube channel and your recipes so good!!! You both are so awesome and I LOVE YOUR ACCENT (I’m from uk). I’m Chinese too (well, half) and LOVE sau hau fan (is that the right spelling?) and stirfry noodles, which you’ve both made on your channel, which is brilliant, because I’m going to ATTEMPT to try and make it myself! I’m 14, and still don’t trust myself with knives-I’m too clumsy. Please make more videos!!! Mia x


  2. I love your channel so much, you are pure awesomeness ! And the food is absolutely delicious, Chinese food is my favourite and I just love going to Asian supermarkets!


  3. Jason Lindley says

    Julie, you should definitely be proud of that gorgeous face of yours! You and your sister have definitely made a huge new fan in America. Love the recipes and the smiles. Please keep it up. Wonderful stuff!


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