The style of food we love is a reflection of our kaleidoscopic history.

From a modern Chinese upbringing under the long white clouds of New Zealand to embracing a British adoration of curries and bakewell tarts, our food journey is as patterned and interconnected as the rivulets of fat in a juicy piece of marbled rib eye steak.

Our aim is to champion the great Chinese food that we know and love – to demystify what it is, to explain why it’s at the very centre of our lives, and to encourage you to create your own versions of it too.

We chose the name The Dumpling Sisters because dumplings epitomise great food: delicious inside and out, a variety to suit everyone and perfect for sharing.  

So tuck in next to us as we step behind the looking glass and show you how we view Chinese food – not just as brilliant grub, but as cherished memories and new adventures too.

We made the video below a few years ago, but we still like the way it tells our story. Watch it to learn more about how we became the Dumpling Sisters




  1. Sarah Sutton says

    Hi am absolutely loving u guys!!!! HAve always loved Chinese food and you two make it seem so easy to recreate those delicious dishes. Thankyou so much and you are so cool!! 🙂


  2. David Berron says

    You both girls are not only beautiful, but funny, joyful and superb cookers and teachers
    I do congratulate you from Cancun, Mexico!
    Now I am your biggest fan.


  3. Margaret Carey says

    Hi Julie,
    Had a bit more time to look at your website today. What a creative and multi-talented pair you are!! The website design is delightful and a pleasure to scroll through. Good luck, Margaret


  4. La says

    Really like your videos. They are a help when following Asian recipes. Keep the good work going and be the first smash through video cookbook! I’d buy it!!


  5. Just a quick note to say that I have followed you guys for ages and I am still as hooked now as I was when I started following you! So much love for your food 🙂 Thank you ladies xo


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