Hiya. I’m the big sis half of The Dumpling Sisters.

Some fun facts about me:

Science is my thang. I even have a PhD in it! I love love love science and all that it explains about our marvellous world. I love science as much as I love food.

I have a thing for forearms. Men’s forearms.

My life ambition is to meet Jamie Oliver. I would just die. (Update October 2013 – I met him! And I didn’t die :))

I love Jamie so much that I started a blog called ‘Amy & Jamie’ years ago. Hey, I thought it was a rad name at the time! I may have also published an article about Jamie; it’s as close as I’ve gotten to going on a (culinary) road trip through the USA with him 😉

I’m a bit of a serial blogger. This one is about people watching. But it’s not as creepy as it sounds. I have a science-themed one in the works, so watch this space 🙂

My sweet tooth is insane. It only developed in my early twenties. I put it down to my awesome hormones.

I was a very accident prone child. Who am I kidding…I still am! Sometimes this is my fault. Like when I thought it would be a good idea to hold a Chinese cleaver under my arm (like you would with a book)…to then drop the damn cleaver on my arm, leaving a nasty gash.

My favourite time to go to my local Waitrose is 7:30 pm – croissants marked down to a teeny 9 p! The flavour matures over time, guys…

I’m a bit of an arts and crafts geek. Especially the kind you do as a kid! Papier mache – freakin’ awesome.

I fell into a hole in the river bank once. #soclumsy

I’ve touched Neyo. And James Blunt.

Finally, a confession…

“I have a fear of things with lots of tiny holes in it”

Some folks call this trypophobia. Lotus pods and bubbling sugar syrup give me the proper heebie jeebies. Like I can feel the creeps coursing throughout my entire body. Oh gawd I should NOT have googled ‘tryphophobia’ just now. Fortunately I’m not one of those who is scared of crumpets – cos I loooooove crumpets!


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  1. Nealie Anderson says

    Omg…..totally a forearm (and hands) person too! Why I married my man actually. Love your videos and recipes! And sister too!

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