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Kancho Chocolate Cookies \ VIDEO

Let’s see what these little love-themed chocolate filled cookies have to offer

Hot off the heels of our most recent review of matcha flavoured Pocky and staying firmly in the realm of biscuit-based snacks, this week we’re swapping sticks for domes as we try Kancho cookies.

Like Pocky’s rival Pepero, Kancho is also made by the huge confectionary company Lotte. However, unlike Pocky’s manufacturer Gilco which is based in Japan, Lotte originated in South Korea. And this geographical (and therefore cultural) difference is what makes the Kancho story interesting.

It turns out that in Japan, Kancho is sold under the name of Koala’s March. Whether the products are exactly the same, I don’t know, but it’s well documented online that they are equivalent to each other. The story going around in cyberspace is that the reason for one name in Japan and another everywhere else is that in Japan, to ‘Kancho’ someone is to prank them by sticking your finger up their bum. On the other hand, Kancho doesn’t mean anything in Korean (it’s actually a portmanteau of the names of the characters on the box, ‘Kany’ and ‘Chony’…the Brangelina of the Asian snack world).

Now, suspicious of how myths can easily spread on the internet, I ran this theory past a Brit who lived in Japan for three years. And yes, after an enthusiastic acting out of the prank in a joyous way that only grown men are capable of, we both agreed that the explanation was more than plausible.

Watch the video to find out if Kancho cookies are as good to eat as they are at providing an entertaining story!


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